Different Type Of Shipping Box

Different Type Of Shipping Box

Choosing the ideal mailer box for your needs might take some work. If you do this correctly, your customers will have a good unboxing experience, and your earnings will suffer. If you succeed, you will leave an instant and long-lasting impact on your clients.

Tab Locking Box

These are the black shipping boxes that we suggest the most and that also have the highest volume of sales. This is the traditional presentation style box utilized by many brand-conscious eCommerce firms to provide a fantastic unwrapping experience for the consumer. Many of these companies also place a lot of emphasis on the appearance of their brand. The company's name and emblem are beautifully displayed on the top of the box.

The locking tabs provide a clean seal for the box and move the sealing tape to the bottom corner, as opposed to the top edge of a literature mailer or across the top of a regular slotted container. This makes for a more convenient packaging solution. These are suitable for the majority of items sold via eCommerce, including clothing, accessories, cosmetics, tiny toys, and outdoor gear, among other things. When shipping big boxes (more than 15 inches by 15 inches) or hefty items (more than 15 pounds), you should avoid using the TL.

Literature Mailer

This kind of box, which is very similar in design to the TL box, may be used for the same things as that style. We charge the same price for TLs and LMs since the amount of space required to store the material is almost the same in both cases. Therefore, the majority of consumers make their decision between a TL and LM based on the style that they desire.

In the case of the LM, the seam is located on the top edge of the box, but in the case of the TL, it is located on the bottom side. The lid of the LM sits on the sides of the box, which conceals the side seams and folds visible on a TL. The LM can be found at most office supply stores. In contrast, the TL has two tabs that fold into slots, and the LM has a lid that folds into the box itself, making the LM far easier to put together.

Regular Slotted Container

RSCs are the common kind of industrial box that may be observed. Consider Amazon boxes as well as moving boxes. After the tabs on each side have been folded over and secured with tape, the seams on the top and bottom will be closed. RSCs are ideal for items that weigh more than 15 pounds and need deep box sizes of more than 6 inches. RSCs are used by a large number of clients when they are packing delicate things in paper packaging or heavy items like books, liquids, or ceramics.

Five-Panel Folder

Very similar in appearance to the RSC, except that FPFs have an additional inner flap that maintains the box's structural integrity. This style works very well for tall or long things, such as a model of a skyscraper, a baseball bat, or a Statue of Liberty carved out of wood.